Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Myriad of cultures and learning experiences at #Hult

I have always had a keen interest in travelling, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, languages and of many other interests - food cultures.  My main driving forces in choosing my postgraduate school it has to offer all the above. I first heard of Hult International Business School in Taipei when I attended the Harvard Model United Nations (WorldMUN) in 2010. I received a booklet of which courses were offered and my first impressions of HULT were how the 5 global campus in Shanghai, Dubai, Boston, San Francisco, and of course London, rotations and international business aspect of the school were beyond what I could imagine. I knew just in that moment that I would want to attend one of the world's most international business school.

Here I am today, experiencing everything I could only imagine a few years ago. Pursuing my Masters in International Marketing in London campus, will be rotating to Dubai campus and San Francisco campus all in one academic year! I am most certainly happy to be a Malaysian here amongst the 140 nationalities here in London campus. I have always enjoyed learning from other people, therefore the opportunities here are learning hands on team work projects, other than the classes were all the activities out of campus. 

With different cultural backgrounds, experiences and classmates from different parts of the world. Truly makes it a unique experience. And how our cultures are unique in its own way, how to deal with different cultures, understanding our differences yet embracing our common goal, being globally connected in one Hult network. 

Being in one of the world's international city- London. This city surprises me every time how international it can be that different nationalities are all in this cultural hub, there's always something new, and so many sights to visit, theatres, museums and green spaces. Of which we have had different encounters and opportunities to experience our myriad of cultures, amongst the many Hult campus speaker, society, and multicultural events. From the Diwali night, Winter Ball, Paintball, Hult Visionary Speaker by Unilever CEO, and our own cohort activities -travelling together, spending an afternoon at the Hyde Park with some football and picnic, indulging in different food cultures where we would occasionally have a lunch or dinner outside of school from Chinese, Venezuelan, Russian, Columbian, Lebanese and many others. Which makes my understanding of my fellow classmates better and respecting the differences as they would for mine.

In the last 6 months here in London were one of the best learning experiences and have made me even motivated to continue pursuing my life aspirations of meeting more people and learn all the different cultures in the future from the Hult network I have made here. Which will be beneficial in my international business encounters that have made everything even more valuable, especially from all their energy, motivations and the friendships I have gathered here! 

To many more learning experiences! 6 months till graduations ~

your one and only msorangelisa

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